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About Us

Celebrating a decade of excellence, Field And Insights Africa is a leading market research company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We deliver actionable insights that drive business success, empowering clients with strategic decision-making. From market analysis to brand perception studies, our tailored research solutions cater to diverse industries, making us your gateway to informed decisions in South Africa's dynamic marketplace.

  • In-depth Market Analysis
  • Custom Research Solutions
  • Experienced Research Team
  • Advanced Data Analytics

Our Services

Market Analysis

Comprehensive market analysis to help you understand your market and competitors.

Data Collection

Designing and administering surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data from consumers, businesses, or specific target groups.

Focus Groups

Organizing and conducting focus groups to gather qualitative insights.

Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics to uncover trends and actionable insights.

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Watch the video to learn more about our upcoming Panel Segmentation Study and how we can help your business grow.