What We Do


Field & Insights Africa (F&IA) is an Insights and Knowledge Research Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

* Our key focus is “Helping clients identify and better understand their shoppers & consumers to ensure Loyalty & Growth”.

* We partner with clients to provide our expertise in insights generation, reporting, data collection and panel data.

* Working with a small agency like us, you can be assured of quick access to reliable shopper and consumer data at an affordable price.

* We are able to do this through our understanding of the marketing environment and the important role played by Market Research.

Whether your Market Research needs are tactical or strategically, Field & Insights Africa is your ideal Research Partner in:

* Creating an understanding of your target market.

* Giving your brands a competitive edge within your environment.

* Assisting you in the development of efficient Marketing Strategies to achieve your marketing and business objectives.